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Judge Tosses Union Challenge to Foundation’s Outreach (Read More…)

By Bill McMorris On October 17, 2017

A state court dismissed a key union objection to a think tank’s effort to inform home health aides that they are not obligated to pay union dues.

Service Employees International Union Local 775 filed suit to block the Freedom Foundation, a Washington State-based free-market think tank, from reaching out to home health aides to inform them they could no longer be compelled to pay union dues and fees following a 2014 Supreme Court ruling. King County Superior Court Judge Steve Rosen granted a summary judgment on Friday tossing the union’s claim that the group’s outreach constituted “tortious interference,” in which a party causes economic harm to another.

Foundation attorney James Abernathy called the ruling on Friday a victory for free speech rights, saying, “the First Amendment won and SEIU lost” in a statement. The SEIU’s contention that the foundation’s outreach would prevent it from collecting expected revenue “was the heart of their case,” according to Abernathy; the judge’s dismissal could undermine the rest of the union’s claims, allowing the organization to continue its outreach campaign.

Former Union President Embraces Right-to-Work Posted to Politics (Read More…)

August 18, 2017 by Connor D. Wolf

Labor unions oppose few policies more than they do right-to-work laws. But one former state union president Friday endorsed the policy as a critical workplace right.

Ben Johnson has served as a union president for both the Vermont AFL-CIO and the state chapter of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT). But upon leaving the unions, he began to reconsider his views on labor matters. His chance to reflect brought him to favor a policy that is paramount to sin in union circles. Labor unions have long denounced right-to-work as an underhanded attack on unions and worker rights. The policy outlaws mandatory union dues or fees as a condition of employment. Johnson argues it is time to eliminate forced dues so that all workers have the right to choose whether to join a union.

“I support right-to-work nationwide in the private sector, in the public sector, in any other sectors that unions create, full stop,” Johnson said in an online video. “I think it’s time to eliminate unions’ right to collect mandatory agency fees from non-members.”

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